About Raw Chocolate Love

At Raw Chocolate Love we carefully choose the highest quality raw and organic ingredients to create an insanely healthy dark chocolate that is chock full of super foods and essential vitamins and minerals, including tocotrienols, a highly potent source of vitamin E that contains nutrients to properly fuel a healthy body.

Raw Chocolate Love not only tastes delicious, it feels good. It is love at first bite.

Each bar of  Chocolate is free of preservatives, coloring and flavor extracts and is handmade with love and care over very low heat in order to retain maximum nourishment. Raw Chocolate Love is available in 17 all-natural, vegan flavors, each offering unique nourishing properties.

Raw Chocolate Love is handmade in our Ridgewood, New York chocolate factory, where the view of Manhattan skyline adds amazing energy to both the chocolate and us.

Raw Chocolate Love is available online at and in over 60 stores in NYC, Long Island, and New Jersey. Raw Chocolate Love will become widely available in late 2013 due to high demand. We are excited to spread the love!

five_flat_barsBecause Raw Chocolate Love is raw, it melts above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, all shipments made in warmer months must be shipped overnight to ensure melting doesn’t occur. We recommend placing orders in cooler months and storing your Raw Chocolate Love in the refrigerator or freezer. Raw Chocolate Love has a shelf life of eight months.

Raw Chocolate Love is…

Raw • Organic • Kosher • Gluten Free •Preservative-Free • Free of Processed Ingredients • Non-Dairy• Vegan • Low Glycemic • Nutritious • Premier Quality • Soy Free • Full of Antioxidants • 100% Pure • An Aphrodisiac• Guilt Free

Raw Chocolate Love = Vitamin L (love)…


About the Founder

Raw Chocolate Love was founded in 2008 by Shimon Pinhas, a devout chocolate lover and holistic health counselor who set out to make the most nourishing, purest, tastiest chocolate possible using Raw Cacao and the most health-giving superfoods on the market. In his words, “We simply deserve it.”

Shimon, who graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2006 and works part-time as a Holistic Health Counselor, spent 22 years in the music industry as the owner of a very popular music studio in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where bands and performers such as Lady Gaga would practice, before trading in his passion for music for his love of chocolate – though music is still an integral part of his chocolate making process.

In the company’s early days, Shimon could often be found on his bike, sampling and selling chocolate to health food stores around the New York City area. His first chocolate excursion where he distributed samples to 25 stores resulted in 25 orders by the end of the week.

We hope you enjoy Raw Chocolate Love and feel the Love and don’t forget to share!

Always with respect and love,

Raw Chocolate Love Team
~ A small bar with a big effect ~