What is raw chocolate?

Chocolate's health benefits are greater than most people think. RAW chocolate is in fact extremely high in antioxidants because it is cooked at low temperatures. Not only does RAW chocolate contain essential vitamins and minerals, but it's overall a pleasurable experience for your senses and with raw chocolate, it's physiologically nourishing as well!


Where should I store my raw chocolate?

Raw chocolate is preservative free and should be kept in a cool, dry place or in your fridge.


Where can I buy Raw Chocolate Love? 

Raw Chocolate Love is sold on the Raw Chocolate Love website and Amazon.com. Along with online sales, we range in many health food stores throughout NYC & Long Island.  Check our store locator for more details.


Is Raw Chocolate Love OK for diabetics? 

Raw Chocolate Love is low glycemic and is in fact ok for diabetics. Remember moderation is key!


What is Raw Chocolate Love sweetened with?

Depending on which Raw Chocolate Bar you choose, we sweeten our chocolate with organic cold press agave nectar OR organic coconut palm sugar which both contain healthy natural sugars.


Does Raw Chocolate Love contain nuts?

Most of our chocolate is nut FREE, except for our Almond Love & Peanut Butter Love flavors. All of our flavors are separately made at our facility which cleans very thoroughly and sanitizes after each batch made for no cross contamination.


How do you make chocolate without dairy?

Chocolate in fact does not need to have dairy in it to taste good or have a creamy texture. In fact adding dairy to chocolate destroys all of the key nutrients and minerals that the cacao bean provides.


Where is Raw Chocolate Love located? Is there a store front? 

Raw Chocolate Love is located in Ridgewood NY. We do not currently have a store front although you can purchase our chocolate online or at the listed stores on our website.

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