Ingredients / Flavors

Pure Dark 78%

Our Pure Dark flavor utilizes the power of simplicity and derives that concept directly from the cacao bean. Bet you didn’t know this bean contains 20 times the antioxidants than blueberries. Chocolate for the win.

Espresso 78%  

Words can’t even espresso how indulged this flavor will make your insides feel. ‘Brewed’ directly from the cacao bean, this flavor will give your taste buds a well deserved coffee break. 
























                   Peanut Butter 78%

Intended to excite your senses by combining people’s two favorite things and fusing it into one delicious flavor. Not only does peanut butter lower risks of heart disease, it also fortifies your bones and muscles so you can have the strength to eat more chocolate. Obviously. 

Chilli 78%

Planned to spice up your usual chocolate cravings. Chili Peppers are high in Vitamin C. Who knows, this could become your new daily vitamin that you always forget to take.

Sea Salt 78%

Not only will this flavor please your taste buds, but your body will be grateful as well. Himalayan sea salt can be used to detoxify the body. A chocolate that tastes good and feels good.

Almond 78%

 Savory, delicious, satisfying, rich in flavor, desirable, healthy, smooth. Basically this flavor in a nutshell.


Dark Orange 85%

Injected with orange tang that will please all of your delectable desires. Orange you glad we told you about it?


Coconut 78%

Guaranteed to make you absolutely cocoNUTS. The creamy texture of our mineral rich chocolate melts in your mouth while simultaneously awakening your mind, body, and soul in only 110 calories.


Mint 78%

Brewed at a low temperature to contain all of its nutrients and minerals inside the chocolate. Our key mint flavor can help promote digestion and soothe upset stomachs. And you know what they say.. a hint of mint a day keeps the doctors away.


Lavender 78%

Can’t you smell it already? Our lavender flavor tastes even better than it smells. Shocking, I know! Your mouth and nose will thank us later.

Rose 78%

Forget a dozen roses, more like a dozen chocolate bars. Our secret rose ingredient encourages healthy skin and anti- aging. This bar will leave your taste buds and your skin begging for more.


White Truffle Oil 78%

Rich in antioxidants, white truffle oil can help satisfy those deep I need chocolate midnight cravings. Actually, once you taste it, it will become I need chocolate any time of the day cravings.

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