Ingredients / Flavors

Pure Dark 78%

A sweet delight made with the finest ingredients, well balanced and rounded with typical dark cocoa notes and a clean finish! Raw Chocolate Love Pure Dark is the masterpiece of simplicity with a smooth texture that melts on your tongue.

Espresso 78%  

Raw Chocolate Love Espresso is the perfect marriage of dark cocoa with real espresso. If you are feeling low get boosted and revitalized with this strong coffee kick energizing all your senses.
























                   Peanut Butter 78%

A perfect fusion of America's favorites: Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate! Raw Chocolate Love Peanut butter offers the perfect blend with nutty, buttery, sweet and roasted notes combined with dark cocoa. 

Chilli 78%

Spice up your life with Raw Chocolate Love Chili! For lovers of chili pepper we have designed this culinary delight delivering a spicy/smoky top note followed by a mild after burn to stimulate your senses.

Sea Salt 78%

Raw Chocolate Love's Pure Dark premium chocolate with a hint of Himalayan sea salt comforts all your senses. A perfect marriage of bitter sweet cocoa notes with a subtle sea salt note that enhances the natural flavor and aroma without overpowering

Almond 78%

A luscious and flavorful combination delivering nutty and toasted taste sensations. Raw Chocolate Love Almond is a rich, satisfying and well rounded treat that keeps you going through the day!


Dark Orange 85%

Raw Chocolate Love Orange - a tangy citrus kick with juicy and slight peely character for the perfect refreshment!


Coconut 78%

Raw Chocolate Coconut is the tropical seduction among our chocolates giving you the full island feeling in a multi sensory experience. With its creamy and soft texture the dark chocolate experience is rounded off by toasted coconut flakes. Pure Indulgence!


Mint 78%

Need a cool off for summer? Raw Chocolate Love Mint served chilled is the perfect treat for hot summer days. Dark chocolate with a hint of green gardenmint & herbacious notes providing a cooling taste sensation.


Lavender 78%

Raw Chocolate Love Lavender is a taste explosion on your tongue! A flavor melody of upfront blossom and fruity notes followed by herbal, green and slight smoky notes in the chorus embedded into aromatic dark cocoa notes.

Rose 78%

Looking for flower-power? Raw Chocolate Love rose is the perfect symbiosis of floral and chocolate notes, nicely rounded and not overpowering. The floral-fruity character of rose water in a special cocoa blend.


White Truffle Oil 78%

Raw Chocolate Love Truffle Oil delivers a smooth and creamy texture that is melting on your tongue. Brown and truffle notes well balanced with dark cocoa notes delivering a clean finish.

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